Design with us


Join us and unleash your creativity with Hellofatimah's designer collaboration event!

♥ Conditions for participation

  • Open to any fashion enthusiast, regardless of background or experience!
  • Simply submit your draft design, inspiration and ideas to us - we will be responsible for production.

♥ Work Submission

  • Submit to our official email address
    Fall 2023 Costume Design 1-2 (Hand Painting/Inspiration + Related Reference/Detailed Design)

♥ Incentive Mechanism

  • the Ultimate Award
  • Collaborate with the Hellofatimah design team to create a worldwide clothing line!
  • Runner-up Award
  • Offer our latest collection of dresses and a gift card of £100!
  • Participation Rewards
  • Everyone in attendance will receive a special Hellofatimah gift!